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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Blog candy has arrived

Well my blog candy arrived today from JoZart.... lots of goodies & I didnt realise she lives not to far from me! Stamps, pens, Chinese coin packets and much more.... an original necklace. Creative people are so 'giving' apart from giving their time, ideas they give away awesome gifts. Hopefully in time I will be in a position to reciprocate..... Ciao

PS I've just found out how to add a link to another site (hope it works).....


  1. Ooh, didn't realise you'd won one of Jo's prizes, Ol - you will know her from Stamp Club - she's one of the main tutors and always really chatty, creative and helpful... great to see it going to someone we know, lol.

  2. Great winnings! I've just tried the link and it works. Enjoy your candy xxx

  3. thank you both..... At least I've done something right for a change!!!

  4. So glad you like your goodies and thanks for your lovely comments,Jo