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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Lynne Perrella.... who am I?

Received this fab Lynne Perrella stamp and this is the idea that came straight into my head... Who Am I Today?... which hat do i wear? I think we all feel like that everyday, my head is so cluttered with stuff i have to do, not what i would like to do! At this moment I would love to be going away for a week, take my art stuff and just do...... but that isnt going to happen. I'm so tired, been back from USA 2 years now and neither of us have jobs..... cash severely limited and many things can you do with mince!!!!!!! I still have to finish this page, so perhaps I will get chance later today!? Ciao


  1. I love this page, the stamp, the colours and everything about it. I think I must buy this stamp have looked at it for ages.
    Hope you are more successful in finding work soon.

  2. Hi Olive ... you've won 3rd prize in my blog candy giveaway.... need to contact you so pop into my blog. Love this piece of art... I know how you feel. Great idea and great result.

  3. Oh I LOVE this stamp! And it looks great on the red background :-)
    Better luck with the job hunting....
    Kate x