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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Cafe Nero & The Old Fish Market .....

A picture of part of what was the old fish market here in Warrington, with an extremely old pub in the background, cant remember the name! sign of age. there arent many historic buildings left, its lets pull it down and built a mall/shops. the only thing good about this was we now have plenty of coffee shops, the ubiquitous Starbucks (perfer Seattle Coffee shops) but usually end up in Cafe Nero, good coffee, comfy chairs, good company....... but not today its too cold! Need to get some basic craft supplies but I think I shall wait for a few more days see what the weather does! Keep warm my friends, Ciao.


  1. Hi Olive, my other half gave me petit beginners as a pressie last year, I really enjoyed it. I didnt get to keep up with the schedule and missed most of the critique time but I just e-mailed my work to Suzi and she replied with lots of hints and tips so it was like my own private critique hehe!! I cant wait to meet Claudine, I hope she has soem time after to sign my book and mabye a cheeky photo too!! Meet you their!! I will look out for you.

  2. You cant miss me. I;ve got blonde/pink hair!! I cant wait, feel excited already!