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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Another week has gone by....

Where does the time go? Days are going to quickly for my liking..... I was AFTH on Sunday for journalling without our mentor, the Divine Diva Dy as you all probably know, is in hospital as she had been extremely ill. We did miss her, but she sent headgirl and bottle washer, Bezzie Sue to keep us in check.. thats a joke as we know Bezzie Sue! The group made tags so that Dy could have some art work around her bed and let her know that she is in our thoughts. Her fella John was an angel, making tea and generally being an all round good egg:) As always had a great day, I brought a trifle (Olive type) and the gorgeous Pat brought scrummy Lemon cake, which my other half had a piece and thought he had died and gone to heaven!!! Doesnt take much to make him happy..... bless.
I did these pages a while ago and have started adding masks, and those fabby Stampotique fellas, coloured with glaze pens, watercolours and some bling.

As life is a being rather difficult at the moment, I am finding it extremely hard to process much in life or art, so I wont be blogging as much as I used to (havent been doing any blogging lately) so please forgive me. I seem to be concentrating on trying to live...... I'm so tired.... so keep safe and warm my blog friends.

Ciao for now... xx


  1. Great pages Olive. Gotta love those Stampotique guys - and I never thought I'd say that - I thought they were spooky once upon a time, with the head holding etc! (some of them!)
    Keep smiling and keep being YOU. You'll come through this period - you're a strong gal!
    Love Sandra x x :)

  2. Dear Olive, hope you find the peace you need to make you sparkle again. Blogland won't be the same without you! I've been away myself and our country place has no computer connection so I've missed your last posts. I will catch up upon my return, till then, here goes a big hug! XO

  3. Hello Olive! thankyou so much for coming over to say hello and leaving me a very kind comment. I am playing hooky for 10 mins, while I should be packing and cleaning the house, so I thought I would hop over and visit you. This looks like an interesting place, I look forward to coming back for a proper look when we are a little less chaotic LOL
    I love your portraits you did, keep your art coming :D