'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


This has been on my desk for over a week now.... not much movement in the creative department at present. I have covered over the journal as its in someone else's journal and I dont want them to see it until the whole book has been completed by the other participants.
I have just printed off the 'portrait's' required for Dina's class on Sunday at AFTH, just hope they're ok.....at least I will get the flavour of what we are supposed to achieve. Hope to see you there.
Just finding life extremely difficult at the moment, I do have some projects to be completed but the way things are we need to have some luck gifted our way to change the atmosphere in the house! Ciao


  1. Glad to see there's some crafting going on , on that desk. Do the Lotto this week and you may change your luck. You need a bit of Cosmic Ordering, like Noel Edmunds did to get his life back on track! Sorry you can't be at Vicky Stampers on Sat, will miss you. Have fun marshalling!
    Jo x

  2. Olive! Sending you a big old bear hug, I know its a difficult time for you and Lee. Keep your chin up. Dina's class is something to look forward to. My piccies are of my girls (and one of me) and if they turn out good, they will be wrapped up as a stocking filler for Christmas! See you there. x x x
    BTW what is that scrunched up piece of material on your desk!

  3. Awe Olive, don't be down, it's just not you. Cheer up, I'm sure something good will happen soon. See you on Sunday, love and big hugs xxxxxx

  4. Oh Olive all of that sounded really sad, not like you at all. I just wish something good would happen for you. Like Jozart said buy a lottery ticket this week.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.
    Lots of big hugs Pat xx

  5. hi girls.... thank you for your support, but I am finding it very difficult to cope at the moment AND I dont have any money for crafting goodies!!!!!

    Sandra - that tatty piece of material is an old t-shirt, which makes a great rag xxx c u all Sunday.