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Friday, 8 October 2010

Blackpool Illuminations..... of a different type!

We went to Blackpool yesterday to see the Illuminations...... 2 dogs, 3 boys (men!) and me! What glorious day, the sun was warm, not a cloud in the sky and miles of beach to walk on... the dogs thought they were in doggie heaven, lots birds to chase, other dogs to play with and both Mollie and Troy loved being in the water and I couldn't believe I was by the sea (a favourite place of mine). As the evening was so balmy we were able to have our picnic sitting on the prom on the bench enjoying the setting sun.... these are some of the photos. Didn't get to see the comet though that was passing through our solar system, even though the sky was so clear and the stars were blinking... felt as though you could just reach out to to touch them.. it got cold and dark quickly so we all piled into the car, drove down the front, saw the lights, bought a flashing wand (in pink with feathers) for me and then off home. It was a truly amazing day....... Ciao


  1. Hello! Wonderful photos! Great inspiration to paint!
    Wishes Teje

  2. The sunsets are so lovely along that coast and you really have captured that one beautifully! It sounds like you all had a blast!
    hugs Jo x

  3. we get gorgeous sunsets here and you have captured them beautifully