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Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Well... I've actually got to take and upload a photo for WOYWW. As I attend a class on Wednesday mornings by the time I get back my brain (yes I do have one), is in overload, I just want to think and do nothing for a while. I've actually covered up this canvas with a gesso wash and will use it for another project.....my table is quite tidy for a change! Ciao

PS Loving the POSCA pens.


  1. Hello! You make wonderful art! I enjoyed my first visit! Wishes from Finnish woman living in Crete Teje

  2. Hi Olive
    Missed seeing you on Saturday too! Love the spiders web canvas. What are you going to use it for? I've never tried POSCA pens. What's good about them. Are they alcohol ink based or water based.
    Jo x

  3. Hi ladies.......
    Jo POSCA pens are waterbased, in different size nibs and I just love the way the work. Going to use canvas for skeletons!
    Welcome Teje.......