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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I can show you now......

This was made for my crafty friend Pat..... I gave her the canvas on Sunday at journalling class at AFTH. I supposed to be going to her house for lunch at the beginning of the month but unfortunately the friend I was going with was poorly and as money is in short supply here, I wasn't able to make it. I know I missed a first class lunch, conversation and fun. I started making the canvas as a gift to take with me for Pat as a thank you. Anyway, I still gave the canvas to her as a thank you for being my friend. I stamped the dress on stiff card and was actually able to 'curve' it to make the dress part stand out from the canvas. I used Dy's downloads, tim holtz enamels, promarkers, beads, old bits of jewellry, alphabet stamps. The paints were sample pots from B & Q in a chalky emulsion which worked really well on the canvas and with stencils. I printed definitions from the computer....... Had a blast making it. Ciao


  1. This is fantastic, bet Pat loves it. xx

  2. Dear Olive, I've missed so many of your posts, I must hurry and catch up! I admire your neverending source of inspiration and your incredible talent and inner drive. You are something else! XO

  3. loving it! thanks for stopping by... although I won't really be 'blogging' as such, it's just easier to upload work onto a blog rather than my website! and I guess I can attach a little bit of me to each piece :-) I need to send you a photo of Lucinda in situ! she's not framed yet though, which I feel guilty about, but she is free and happy ;-)