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Friday, 21 January 2011

A bargain

Look what I got in Boots (CVS in America). I actually went in looking for a lipstick, without success, so I looked at the sale stuff. This caught my eye and I immediately thought SHADOW BOX! it actually held a variety of tea bags, which have been disposed of into a tea caddy. Now the price.... it was originally 16 pounds but was reduced to 4!!!!! What a bargain, it just goes to show what you can find in the most unusual of places. Good hunting, Ciao


  1. That's a great find so well done you! Now lets see what you create with it.
    Jo x

  2. Just found you and glad i did. I love your bio (you sound a bit like me lol ) love your blog. Have added to follow so i dont miss out
    have a lovely week
    hugs June

  3. Thank you SO much for visiting so many times , Olive. I have been SO busy, I didn't even post yesterday. I wanted to let you know how grateful I am, though. Wow, tea AND an alterable shadowbox. can't wait to see the finished project.