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Saturday, 12 March 2011

A mixed bag.....

I can show you the card I made for Neet's birthday........ as her birthday had been and gone, blogging about it now won't spoil the surprise. I used needle felting to make the jumper and pom poms, something different for a change and extremely statisfying. The rest was collage and stamping with a gold crown to finish.
I also made an ATC for the Vicky Stampers meeting...the theme being Spring. Ciao

PS I started a millinery class last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself so I will post the end product next week... I have some homework to do!


  1. Hello Olive! You have made again wonderful card! I love that pink puffy jumper!
    xxx Teje

  2. That's fun and fantastic Olive! Love it!
    Jo x

  3. Cool card! Glad you enjoyed your class!

  4. Love the felting. Do you prog it? I do it by hand.
    Millinery eh that sounds very interesting. get on with the homework so we can see:-))


  5. and Neet loved it!

    Neet x x x