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Thursday, 5 January 2012


Here is the hall.... at least you can get in now!!!

Back bedroom, crammed to the ceiling......

Looking from the kitchen to some of the boxes in the craft room....

Cleaning materials, empty bags and Mollies food in a corner of the chaotic kitchen....in desperate need of more storage.

I will post some pictures of the outside of the bungalow when it stops raining!!!!!


  1. Woo hoo! looks like you are having great fun... up to your eyes in it. It's all happening and I'm glad it is too! Good luck Olive, you'll get straight soon. Love Jo x

  2. Just attack the boxes one at a time :) It won't feel like such a big job then (hopefully!). Hope you settle soon. As long as you can put on the kettle and make hot cuppas, you're sorted haha. Pxxx

  3. It's been a lovely morning her Olive so you keep that rain where you are please. Can see you have a lot on your hands at present but in a couple of weeks you will be all sorted - and you have a craft room, can't be bad.

  4. Ohhh looks so nice!!!! Full of possibilities.

  5. Hope things are going well for you... think of you often. Love and hugs,
    Jo x

  6. Oh hecky thump! You look to be in a pickle but hope that by now you have found your bed, your cooker and a pan or two. I certainly do not envy you unpacking all of that. This is making me seriously think of downsizing my goods - I would not dare to think of moving with what is in the garage alone never mind the house.
    Please do come back to our meetings, we missed you and your humour in January. It was a great workshop and you would have loved it.
    Take care and be happy - Hugs, Neet xx