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Thursday, 19 January 2012


I've actually found the back door.......so that means some boxes have been emptied (contents everywhere) and Mollie can go through to the back garden and I dont have to walk round the front of the house.
Unfortunately, as the boxes are emptied I'm running out of space to put stuff, not all of its mine, by the way, OH has loads of computer(s), cable, bits & pieces to be sorted out and stored. We still have to go through ALL the boxes to find some metal cross pieces for the back of the shelving units we have.... the movers put them in boxes instead of taping them to the shelves!!!!!!
Went into Hinckley yesterday (needed to get away from the mess). Used the local bus service (if thats what you call it), found the lovely The Sew Cafe, a bead shop, art shop with a great cafe. All do workshops but money is tight to say the least, so I'm unable to attend at present and meet like minded souls. I hope its only for a short time. Getting back to the buses, they don't run after 5.00pm (week days) and there is no service on Saturday or Sunday. I will be trying out the bus trip to Leicester next week, see what delights that presents!!!!!! I also met the female version of Victor Meldrew whilst at the bus stop which was interesting and rather funny.......... Ciao

PS... I could really do with having a good laugh, I miss that so much. xxx


  1. No pictures of the house and garden yet? Hows your internet connection? Plenty of laughs to be had in art groups on-line.

  2. I would KILL for a chance to meet a female version of Victor Meldrew! LOL

    Hang in there kid, this too shall pass!


  3. We miss you and hope you get up here for a laugh soon! I met Stacey in Black Sheep (yes, I was there YET again) and you were on our minds in the fondest way. Glad to hear there are some interesting places for you to get to when the cash flow improves.
    Sending lots of love and tidy elves too..
    Jo x