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Thursday, 26 January 2012

For Clare......

Here is Her Majesty guarding her new home.........
Front from over the road.....
From back of house (sun room).....
Side garden......
End of sun room which hopefully will be my craft room.......


  1. Love that archway over the front door Olive really adds something different to the look of the house. Hope you get your art room (lucky girl) sorted out soon.
    Ann B
    Vicky Stampers

  2. Ohh that's so pretty! Bet it will be gorgeous once you have settled in and finished organizing!

  3. It's amazing that your new home is exactly the same as the mental picture I had imagined of it, even to the arch over the doorway!!! Great to see it and it looks fab... especially the prospect of the sunny craft room. Just need the sunshine now! Hope all is going as beautifully as it looks,
    Lots of love Jo x
    Love the quilt on the line too!

  4. Looks like a great new home for you. Great size for a craft room! x C

  5. Just listen to you a sun room. Me too I love the arch. I can see you are going to be very happy there and if youre not Mollie is.xx

  6. Your new house looks great, I love the arch as well, very striking. I hope you are feeling a bit more settled in now, Mollie looks like she's settled!