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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Well we are here.....

I'm trying to unpack the many, many boxes that are lurking in the bungalow, cant go round any door without falling over one!!!! Had a great New Year with family & friends, plenty of good food, loud laughter and a few drinks, then off to a new adventure.
Its hard leaving good friends and family behind, but with this new invention of blogland, email, I'm sure I will be kept up to speed as to whats going on......
Its so quiet here, lots of green fields, not much traffic (that could be 'cos of the holidays) lots of big houses. No visiting coffee shops, nipping into town, totally different way of life here so I will have to adjust accordingly. At least I have internet shopping!!!!!!?????
I should be emptying the boxes in the bedroom, as we've run out of clothes to wear, Mollie doesnt have that problem, one coat does her!! Plenty of dogs for her to make friends with, so that will be good thing.......
Anyway, its off to sort out the bedroom, try and getting the washing dry and fight my way to the kettle for another cuppa (with some Polish liquer in it!!)
Take care in this terrible weather... with love from the Countryside. Ciao


  1. Enjoy the wildlife! don't forget to feed the birdies all year not just winter! Cant wait to see pictures sounds perfect.

  2. where's the piccys of the new house? Also you have to go get the new code for your background image, cant see it any more the code was broken, had to do mine too.

    The room you stayed in is now our bedroom and the room that was my bedroom is now our living room/art room. We had to expand abit!

  3. You will get used to the green fields and think of the walks you and Mollie can do. Hope you love where you are.
    Hugs, Neet xx