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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Another Saturday night...

Its fireworks for me tonight, off to a party at my son's to be with family and friends. Have a drink and take out, watch the display. I like fireworks, especially the 'oohh, ahh' factor (Open Season) without the sunglasses though.
I've creating these last couple of days.... knitting which is great, forgotten how much i loved it. Dont get excited it isnt a jumper or anything fancy, but i will post a photo tomorrow and then you can see... i love trying new ideas keeps you fresh and alive, connected with everyone. Visiting blogs is so addictive, a great springboard for your brain.... Some new eye candy arrived via the postie today from Amazon.. a book on blogging by Tara Frey 'Blogging for Bliss' (sorry i havent got into the technical part of putting links etc ... yet will do when i read this), absolutely gorgeous piccys. Love books.... Have a good day. Ciao
Oh yes, just thought i'd share these with you.. they were invites to a party... sewing reels, paper & ties.

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