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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Its been a Hard Day's Night

Bonfire Night arrived here with a bang.... the local yobs decided to have an illegal bonfire/fireworks display in a residential area beside a hospital and behind an oil depot! obviously brains arent their finest attribute. The Fire Engine arrived eventually .. few hours later... we had the police... that wasnt much help. Our poor dog Mollie wont go out to do her ablutions because she's scared of noises ... so tonight has been really great!! I hate to think what kind of mess will be outside in the morning. Allegedly there have been windows broken at the school just behind us, so tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. I like fireworks and am going to my son's on Saturday for a party, to be with friends and family and enjoy myself. Its a pity that moron's that live around here cant enjoy themselves unless they make others miserable... looking at some of the parents it doesnt surprise me how they behave.
Anyway off the soapbox, got a headache, so i leave you with something i made........... Ciao

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