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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Christmas..... not ready!

I heard on the radio its only 4 weeks to Christmas.. oh joy! I havent even done my cards yet, let alone made them! Last year i was so prepared, mind you i was living where someone else was doing the cooking, cleaning and shopping... I'm now having to do it all myself..... oh poor me!
Yesterday i had a house full of visitors.. (we live in a 2up, 2 down) so more than 4 and its a house full, but it was great fun and Mollie loved all the attention she got.
Here is last years Christmas card......... this year will be nothing like this! Ciao


  1. What a stunning card Olive, love it. I think I will be buying my cards this year, gosh, did I really say that lol xx

  2. Olive, just notice, in the photo bit, you'v put your Petite Doll, wow!!!!!!it's fantastic girl, love it. xx