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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Les Petit Dolls.....

Tonight I'm painting another Rock Chic, Les Petit Dolls. I've been neglecting this workshop due to be hooked on Journalling.. its all that Dyan at Art from the Heart's fault!! bless her. I to paint its so calming... got to get this Chic finished and uploaded asap. Oh yes, Dyan has created digital downloads on her website, needless to say i bought them all!! They are fabby dabby wonderful, cant wait to get started with those. I'm another got to have it all girl i'm afraid..... so sad. Beautiful hangings, so colourful, in the Parasol (I think) Wyatt Hotel, Las Vegas.. they serve the most marvellous cocktails!!! AND shopping mall.. pure heaven. Got some Christian Louboutin creations (shoes to those not in the know!) which are sumputous in the extreme (understatement). Have to take a photo and let you drool.... Ciao


  1. Sounds like MY kind of fun! Glad you had a great time. Don't forget to show the shoes!!! one my "many" faults :0)

  2. shoes, did you happen to mention shoes ????? xx