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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Christian Louboutin....... oooh, so divine!

patience is rewarded... here are the SHOES! actually on my feet, i adore red toenails so sophisticated. I read in a magazine to be completely dressed you had to have painted toenails.. so there. The box might read Paris, but my hubby bought them in Las Vegas when we were there on a delayed 'honeymoon'....... a story for another time. Wearing these somehow makes you feel so ...... divine! they are getting in & out of the car shoes, you cant do much in them (mind you depends on what you have in mind!!!)..... love you and leave you for this Sunday. Ciao


  1. They are absolutely fabulous! You are so right about painted toenails, an absolute "must" for shoes such as this! Have fun! x

  2. oh god ... they are just DIVINE ... I would be wearing them whilst doing the housework!!! They would make hoovering a joy! ;-)

  3. Alice
    You think of doing housework in these shoes (reference to the late, great Kirsty McColl) if you had these shoes you would have slaves for such mundane tasks!!!! if only.