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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Books.... books..... & a table

Here is just a fraction (and I mean fraction) of craft books that I have..... never mind the hundreds (could it be thousand) of other types of books I surround myself with. I still have 126 boxes in store, mostly books! I have always been an avid reader ever since my parents bought me a 'serious' book to read at Christmas.. so when I got into crafts again needless to say I had to have nearly every book ... or nearly! Just love the feel and smell of them all... though if I dont like the font the book is printed in I dont buy it. Yes I do smell books! Also a photo of my work table.... doesnt took to bad at present. I love to look at other peoples studios and dream of the day I may get my 'ideal' space.... with patio doors, looking out on to a garden, water and wildlife...... bring on the lottery!!!! I'm off to Harrogate tomorrow as I have a workshop with Claudine Hellmuth at Art from the Heart


  1. Wow all those books I just love books too, but I don't have as many art books as you. Work desk looks fairly tidy. Have you seen some of the ones on WOYWW.
    See you tomorrow at AFTH.

  2. We are kindred spirits! I also smell books and have "many" all over the place. Have fun tommorrow! xxx

  3. wow you got your own private libary do you loan them out lol i to love looking at other peeps spaces hope your day went well with Claudine xxx