'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Thats just how I feel at the moment.... I just cant going, I have no energy to do anything especially creative.. its all such an effort! It would be lovely to get some good news for a change and not have 'stuff' making life tougher than normal. I have no idea what to do with myself.... had a great workshop on Saturday met lovely ladies, enjoyed making a 'book' out of flatten toilet rolls... deciding on the embellishments, then I will post a picture. Walking back from town this morning, after having a coffee and gossip with 2 girlfriends, I twisted my ankle, couldnt believe the pain! took my breathe away & I had to wait a minute or two before I walked on again...... makes you wonder why you get out of bed. At this moment I could just take the hair clippers and do a 'Britney Spears', just want to be someone else, somewhere else........ as I cant I will go and do my nails and hope tomorrow is a little better! Ciao


  1. Give yourself a special treat... something not too expensive so you don't feel guilty....eg., fave chocs, a special bottle of bath bubbles and just think there a wonderful things out there waiting to be enjoyed. Not all days are bad! Hang in!
    Hugs Jo

  2. My dear Olive...are we having a "day"? Hope you are much better by the time this reaches you. Hang in there kiddo. Better days are coming! xxx

  3. he he... girl do I know how you feel!!!!!!! I'm going to go and do my nails too. Maybe that will help... thanks for stopping by my place. I'm hoping to be back to blogging in the not too distant, but just enjoying taking some time out to you know, get my friggin life together!!!! xxx

  4. When feeling this low i usually resort to a comedy dvd. My last attempt to rise up was accompanied by Bill Bailey; the highlight was the Hokey Kokey song performed in the style of Kraftwerk.

    Have a cuddle with Mollie too, a cuddle from your beautiful pup is worth so much more than anything else.....If needs be get your husband to go and get you a Gu pudding; these German puddings are nothing short of orgasmic (especially if you love banoffee, lemon and dark chocolate, not all at the same time). Keep the metallic lids for crafting, win win.

    Sending Hugs :-) x