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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Moleskine ...... & Jenny Doh!

I found these little beauties in Waterstones today, whilst out window shopping with a good friend of mine. They are 2 in a pack, you can get different colours/shades in the pack, I thought the vivid green reminded me of Spring, Light and Growing. I'm usually a pink girl (really!) but I thought these would be a lovely change. I think that I need to do something small in the creative world, I've been intimidated by the 'large' recently so I think these will do the job marvellously!

Now for something completely different (Monty Python?) whilst I was on Facebook this afternoon I noticed that Jenny Doh - Editor in Chief of Somerset Studio and head Honcho of Crescendoh .com was online so I decided to chance my arm and have a 'chat' with her. To my utter amazement Jenny 'chatted' back. I couldn't believe how lucky I was. I had sent Jenny a parcel, which has arrived safe and sound, to wish her good luck on her new (ad)venture which is going to be a blast and by the looks of all the creative folks she has lined up as Guest Curators for Crescendoh.com it is going to be interesting and varied.... I can't wait for the launch. Its so uplifting for me that someone so busy would take time out of their schedule to spend a couple of minutes 'chatting' with me... blew me away! It just shows you can get lovely surprises anytime, anywhere....... Ciao

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