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Monday, 1 February 2010

Sneek Peek revealed - Crescendoh

This is what I sent to Jenny Doh...... a small canvas, painted in off white, with paper 'splodges' stuck for background then a dress cut out from her stamp line. As Jenny is starting a new (ad)venture I thought the saying was appropriate..... and ART saves appears to be the theme. I hope she likes it and that it actually gets to California in one piece!
Should have made it to Art from the Heart yesterday, but we got SNOW... so that was that. A real bummer of a day!! Ciao


  1. Love that dress, face, and everything!

  2. Wish you had made it to AFTH yesterday!! Was alot of fun and and loads of us started our journals for the circle journal!! Hope you join in on that too!! We didn't get snow over this side but it was mental cold

  3. What a nice thoughtful idea to send to Jenny. The saying is very appropriate I am sure she will love it and hope it gets there safely.
    We missed you at AFTH.

  4. thanks Alina and Pat... yes lets hope it gets there!!!! Pat will you be at the next Sunday Journalling day?