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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Claudine Hellmuth....wicked lady

What can I say about this wicked lady.... amazing, funny, friendly. Had a delirious day at AFTH . Met some old friends, made some new ones. We were split into groups I was lucky! to be in the group with Dyan..... there were 5 in our group. Everyone had to pick colours and then the rest of their group had to use the same colours and make tags. It was great fun, seeing different styles and how we could use Claudines paints and mediums. Unfortunately the morning went far too quickly and it is was over!!!!! Claudine was so generous with her time, ideas and support. We thank you Claudine so much and Dyan as well for arranging such a super time. I forgot to mention Emmi made tea/coffee, we had coissants(?) and Ben was serving us girls in the shop and trying to sort out a large delivery... which had the Tim Holtz new book..... a mad dash was made for that. Of course I came home with a hole in my purse or should I say hubby's bank account!!!!! Dyan and Claudine then went off to Birmingham to meet up with Tim, Suze to do the Stitches show.... what a heady life they lead!
The top picture are of gifts that I made for Claudine and Dyan, I added some ribbons to both . . really enjoyed fiddling to alter these hearts using recycled ribbons, clay parts , crystal and beads. unfortunately I cant get my hands on anymore hearts....... Ciao


  1. Never saw what gifts you had made while we were their but they are totally cool, I want one LOL!!

  2. These are lovely gifts i bet they were thrilled. As Clare says totally cool.
    Ann has been sent home from Hospital but is under strict instructions and 6 months medication.
    Pat xx

  3. I loved my gift, I always do, havent opened my moleskines yet, just stroke them lol xx

  4. OOOh I'm so jealous. Bet you all had a fabby time :-)